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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Services/Stores does Garbi Connect With?

Delivery: Currently, Garbi Can Order Items through Amazon, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart.  

Pick-Up: Garbi Allows for In-Store Pickup at Walmart, Target, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Costco (if available at store)


does Garbi Order Items immediately?

Nope, that would be annoying!  Pressing the button only adds the item to your shopping list.  If you connect an ordering service like Amazon, There is a second confirmation step before the order is placed.


How Does shipping/delivery Work?

Garbi groups items together into the fewest number of deliveries possible via amazon/instacart.


How Does Garbi Work?

Exactly as seen in the video.  Simply open the lid, show any item to Garbi for 1-2 seconds, then press the button to add it to your cart.  Garbi identifies the item via "computer Vision" software (originally developed for self-driving cars), finds the best deals at online grocers, then shows it to you in the mobile app, where you can either have it delivered via 3rd party, or go pick it up in-person. 


Do I need Barcodes? What Items Can't I scan? 

No, Garbi does not require barcodes.  Garbi works on everything from dirty diapers to sponges to apple cores to orange peels.  Garbi doesn't work well on large items that wouldn't fit inside your kitchen trash can anyway, such as lumber, or items with high variety, such as clothing.

Garbi is ~80% accurate currently, and on the 1/5 items it cannot identify, it will make suggestions and/or ask for your help in the app. 


What about Items I don't throw in my Trash/Recycling?

Most things you reorder fit in your trash/recycling, but for items you don't already have to throw away (such as tomatoes) you can add manually via search, just like with amazon or Instacart.


What about Items I *Can't* run out of, like Milk or Diapers?

We're working on training Garbi to prompt you when you are running low on critical items.  In the meantime, Many of our users are stockpiling items such as milk, or paying the extra charge via instacart for 2 hour delivery.


How Does the Recycling Feature Work?

Poorly for now.  Our dream is to make it work perfectly, but it's super complicated as every county has different recycling abilities, and there's no centralized database for us to pull from.  




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